The publication of scientific research is undergoing a strong evolution. Academies discuss the issue, often in relation with rules of behaviour for the researchers. The text reproduced below illustrates this. It is a very slightly modified editorial I wrote for the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences  (Newsletter 2/2013 when it issued guidelines on authorship of papers. A summary of the guidelines and reference to the actual document may be found  in the Newsletter referenced here.

Professional societies also discuss the issue, often in the light of how the results of publicly funded research must be made available to the public and, more specifically, to the research community. This goes under the denomination of Open Access Publishing. The European Astronomical Society (EAS) has published a report that details the current issues related to this question. It gives a very clear analysis of the problems met in various forms of open access publishing and suggests ways forward. This report "Exploring the road to Open Access Publishing" can be found under .