TCinchinaProf. Thierry Courvoisier speaks about Astrophysics, the Universe and questions dealing with Science and Society.


What we now know about the Universe and the objects that are to be found within bears little resemblance with what we could learn in our young years. To share this newly acquired knowledge with curious, but most often lay, public audiences is a task that Prof. Thierry Courvoisier undertakes with enthousiasm and pleasure.


As president of te Swiss academies of sciences, as   active space scientist or as active member of the European Science community, Thierry Courvoisier developed a clear view of the interface between Science and Society. Without knowledge on nature, the physical, chemical, biological or human processes that shape our environment we will never solve the problems that our societies now encounter. Prof. Thierry Courvoisier analyses and sets these questions in perspective for all sorts of audiences, be they political or economic actors or citizens of Switzerland or elsewhere.


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